About US

The Caspro Group is a global Iron casting producer for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our core focus area is manufacturing Grey Iron & Ductile Iron Castings using green sand moulding process, that are sold in cast and in fully machined condition.

Over the years, we have garnered the expertise and a high level of competency in manufacturing pressure-tested parts to the highest quality standards.
At Caspro, we strive relentlessly to provide our clients the highest quality products on time and take every care to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction via minimal lead times and by providing sustainable solutions to customer needs. We are proud of our clientele that includes some leading names both in the local as well as the global arenas. Our clientele includes names such as Mahindra, Tafe, Ingersoll-Rand, Wilo, Knorr-bremse, and Force to name a few.

Strive to become a leader, not a boss. Work towards creating a sense of respect and belief in the organisation, this will create a work environment which brings satisfaction on all front to all stakeholders.    – A.C. Rathod



Ambalal C. Rathod
erstwhile Chairman & MD
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Our Directors

Prakash A. Rathod
Prakash A. Rathod
Chairman & Managing Director
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Mahendra A. Rathod
Mahendra A. Rathod
Joint Managing Director
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Rahul P. Rathod
Rahul P. Rathod
General Manager
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Yash V. Rathod
Yash V. Rathod
General Manager
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Key Strength & Capabilities
  • Family run business for last 35 years.
  • Group CEO has a foundry experience of 37 years.
  • Development team have average experience of 10 to 25 years.
  • We use state of the art technology for foundry & machine shop.
  • Our metrology has the best equipment available for the industry.
  • We have ability to develop parts within shortest time & period.
  • We have a goal to make every part First Time Right.
  • Company enjoys financial credit rating “BBB” by ICRA.
  • Third Generation is active in the management.

Caspro History

  • Pre-Independence era

    During the pre-Independence era, Chunilal Rathod, a resourceful and enterprising gentleman, decided to move from his homeland Rajasthan to the city of Pune, in search of better opportunitiesIn Pune, Chunilal Rathod started a small business selling metal pots, utensils and pans.

  • Ambalal Rathod completed his Diploma (1961)

    Chunilal’s son, Ambalal Rathod, was a bright, enthusiastic boy right through his school days. This motivated Chunilal to educate his son and he nurtured a dream to help Ambalal complete his engineering. Ambalal Rathod completed his Diploma in Metallurgy from the Pune University, in 1961.

  • 14 years of learning

    During the 1960s, there were very few opportunities for engineers, more so for metallurgical engineers in and around Pune. On the other hand, barely 250 km away in Kolhapur, foundries were flourishing. In fact, the town of Kolhapur was on the verge of becoming the foundry & industrial hub of the country, driven by the exponential growth in the agricultural and diesel engine industry.

    Ambalal Rathod moved to Kolhapur and started working with Ghatge Patil Industries, the only large-scale foundry in the region at the time. He rose to become the Development Manager in a short span of time. And 14 years later, Ambalal chose to move on, fuelled by his own entrepreneurial vision. He started his own foundry. And thus, Castwell Metal Industries was born.

  • Founded in 1977 as Castwell Metal Industries

    Founded in 1977 as Castwell Metal Industries, by Sakalchand Rathod and Ambalal Rathod, the Caspro Group’s history is one of humble beginnings, undying passion and solid values.

  • organization to the next level

    In the ensuing years, Ambalal faced many odds but he continued to work passionately until things started to turn around. Ambalal’s three sons, Prakash, Vijay and Mahendra also joined forces with Ambalal to take the organization to the next level, but only after completing their higher studies and learning the ropes of the business.

  • In 1989, Ambalal Rathod established Rathod Industries

    In 1989, Ambalal Rathod established Rathod Industries, the Group’s machine shop division. Prakash Rathod was asked to take on the responsibility of running this division.

  • In 1996, Caspro Export

    In 1996, Caspro Export, the export division of Rathod Industries was launched. In a short span of time, this new division helped the organization spread its wings in 5 nations, garnering some of the biggest names as its clients. This success prompted the Group to open a sales office in Germany to facilitate sales in Europe.

  • Till Now...

    Prakash Rathod’s international travels greatly influenced his world views and filled him with a burning desire to transform his organization into a world class entity. He enlisted the help of Mahendra Rathod, his brother and a financial master. And soon this dynamic duo began bringing all the machine shops under one roof by establishing ACR Machining, an organization that today has several prestigious customers all over the world including USA, Germany, Japan, France, China, North Korea and Italy.